Tent Fumigation Durban

Looking for a company to do tent fumigation in Durban? Look no further than Pestop – we will provide you with the best tent fumigation Durban service!

When considering tent fumigation for your home, the first step is to have the type of insect being treated clearly identified. Tent fumigation Durban is generally only required for wood borer (also known as dry wood termites).

Should one of our professional inspections reveal the presence of a wood borer, in most cases the only effective treatment is tent fumigation (the tenting of the affected property). Hearing that your home will need to be tented causes concern for most owners, as they do not fully understand the process. Let Pestop set your mind at ease by explaining the simple procedure.

The first thing our team does is measure the building to establish its size. Thereafter providing you with the written estimate of the work, and once we get your permission to proceed with the tenting, we set up a day and time that is most convenient for you.

Preparing for a Tent Fumigation

There is some preparation that will need to be done by the homeowner, please keep in mind this all needs to be done for your family & pets’ safety and health.

Outside – Trim back all shrubs around the house to ensure the tarpaulins will fall to the ground.

Inside – Perishable food in the home will need to be removed, including anything in the fridge and freezer as well as nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, etc. This excludes closed bottles, cans, dry food (rice, pasta, spices, coffee, sugar), and almost anything in the grocery cupboard.

How long does tent fumigation last?

Tent fumigation will typically last between 24 to 72 hours. Your whole home will be tented, the chemicals will be pumped into the home and then the all-clear must be given before you are able to re-enter your home.

Does tenting get rid of all bugs?

Tenting will kill virtually every type of bug that breathes, however, the bulk of Pestop’s fumigations are to combat dry-wood termites. Bed Bug fumigations are common as well.

Will I be able to sleep in my house after the fumigation?

It is only safe to return to your home once our expert fumigator has cleared your home for reentry by measuring the air quality.

Tent fumigation in Durban is not an easy find – that is why Pestop are here to make it easy for you. Contact Pestop today and get your tent fumigation Durban done the right way.