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Ensure your Pest Management or Building Inspection Professional uses a Termatrac T3i.

Whether you’re looking for a pest control company for your home, investment properties or commercial building, make sure they have a Termatrac T3i. It’s the only tool on the market that incorporates the three essential tools to complete a truly non-destructive and non-intrusive termite inspection. Using its Termite Detection Radar, Moisture Sensor and Remote Thermal Sensor with Laser Guide, it is a must-have tool for any true termite control professional.

Through the Remote Thermal Sensor, a pest technician can accurately identify significant termite infestations within the target structure. This sensor uses state-of-the-art technology to take a temperature reading of a surface without even having to touch it, leaving no reminder that the area has even been inspected. Because a significant subterranean termite (the most common and destructive type) infestation generates significantly higher heat than ambient, this sensor is likely to alert the operator quickly that something needs further investigation.

The Moisture Sensor works in a similar sense. It’s a simple hydrometer which can read the moisture content of most common building materials, simply by placing a sensor pad on a surface. When termites congregate in large numbers, they generate a high level of humidity so as that their delicate bodies don’t dry out.

Finally, the innovative Termite Detection Radar, unique to Termatrac products, confirms the presence of termites by detecting movement. One of the key features of the Termatrac T3i is that any findings can be recorded and included in the report that you, as the building owner, can read.

When all three sensors are used, the result can be outstanding. Not only is the inspection far more accurate than traditionally available, but termite treatment is more accurate increasing the likelihood of complete termite control. Because of the accuracy, the pest control technician is able to use less chemical too, which ultimately reduces the cost of the treatment to you while keeping the quality of the termite treatment high.

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Providing Quality Driven Services To The Public As Well As To Corporate, Industrial And Government Clients