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We provide pest control, fumigation and hygiene services to domestic & commercial properties.

Preparing for tent fumigation might seem like a daunting task, but this method is the best way to make sure pests are eradicated. We use ProFume® fumigant which is labeled to control insects, rodents and invertebrate pests.

Tenting fumigation can be performed on residential and nonresidential structures, listed commodities, and import/export quarantine. You will need to make plans to stay out of and away from your home during the fumigation and the aeration period.

With its wide range of uses in structural and agricultural applications, a fumigation with ProFume® is an effective and flexible solution to eliminate pests and provide peace of mind.

How it works

During tent fumigation, our Pestop experts will use tarps to cover your entire home, creating a seal around the house. We then release the ProFume fumigant throughout the home, enabling the gas to reach all corners of the house. For termites, the fumigant can get between and inside the wood, where the termites live. Once a termite breathes in the pesticide, it affects its nervous system, killing it.

Once our professional Pestop team has determined that your space has been successfully fumigated, the tent will be removed, and your home will need to air out.

The entire fumigation process, from tenting, fumigation, and aeration, can take 24 to 72 hours, depending on the size of your home. Our expert team will use a sensor in each room to test that the your house has been cleared of fumes before declaring the home is safe for reentry and moving back in. ProFume® fumigants do not leave permanent residues in a home or on household items.

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Providing Quality Driven Services To The Public As Well As To Corporate, Industrial And Government Clients